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28 Inch 6-Guage Battery Cable - Red

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The cables of the golf cart are pretty vital, like the 28-inch 6-Gauge Battery Cable. They carry power from one place to another, and without them, the golf car would not run. Your motor and controller and everything else on the golf cart must have the proper amount of voltage to run. If you have a 48-volt golf cart, anything less than 48 volts will not run the golf cart properly.

Let's apply that same theory to battery cables. If you have one line go bad on the battery pack, that does not sound bad, right? Wrong; the cable, depending on where it is located in the pack, can take anywhere from six volts up to 36 volts out of the loop. One volt is too may to lose, so you can see how this is a big problem. So, get a 28-inch 6-gauge cable for your golf cart to make sure your voltage stays where it needs to be at all times.


  • Red 28 Inch 6-Guage Battery Cable
  • Sold individually
Note: Measurement is based only on CABLE length. Does not include eyelets
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