DOT Approved GTW Fusion S-R Steel Belted Tire - 215x50xR12

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The GTW Fusion S-R Steel Belted DOT Tire from Buggies Unlimited is the thing you need to keep even the most persnickety of inspectors happy. You all know what we are talking about. Back in the good old days, when you were the only one with a golf cart, all you got were smiles and thumbs-ups from the local law enforcement when they would see you on the road or at the store. Now it seems like every time you venture out into the wild. You have to follow a new rule. Call your local DMV today and then us.

Now looking at this tire. You may think that it would fit on your golf cart without issue with its outward appearance. However, the GTW Fusion steel-belted DOT tire from Buggies Unlimited stands about two inches taller than a stock tire. Now we know what you are thinking, I have way more than two inches of room above the top of our tires, but that is not where you need the clearance. With a brand new set of heavy-duty suspension upgrades, they might clear, but they would hit even after a small bump. So let our experts set you correctly the first time.

We love the feeling we get when we complete a project. There is nothing quite like getting what you need to make your golf cart do what you need it to. These will not only make things more accessible to the local inspectors, but you will also get a slight speed bump. Bigger golf cart tires equal higher speeds but lower torque for hill climbing and things like that. Just something to keep in mind.

We are the ultimate source for golf cart parts and accessories. When there is something wrong with your golf cart's health, who are you going to call? Buggies Unlimited!

Tread Classification:

  • Street / Course

Tire Specifications:

  • 215/50-R12 Steel Belted Radial
  • GTW Fusion SR Steel Belted Radial DOT Tire
  • Smooth ride and low road noise
  • Premium rubber compound and radial steel belted radial construction
  • Up to two times the durability and longevity of DOT requirements
  • DOT Stamped on Sidewall
  • Lift Kit Recommended for some models / Tire is approx. 20.5" tall x 8.5" wide
  • Please note that this does not include the wheel
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