Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits

The right parts for any golf cart

Every owner wants to increase their golf cart's performance and presence. Yamaha lift kits from Buggies Unlimited are an affordable and practical way to meet both goals. We stock many high-quality kits from reputable manufacturers to help make the job easy.

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Why get a lift kit for your Yamaha?

  • Better ground clearance
  • More suspension travel for uneven terrain
  • Ability to run larger tires
  • Serious increase in vehicle presence

Integrating a lift kit into your Yamaha will allow for travel in uneven terrain while providing the ability for increased tire size. The options are endless—any size, any purpose—there’s a lift for everyone.

Long Travel Lift Kit for Yamahas

An outstanding example of a high-grade system is the long arm travel lift kit from Jake’s. It has independent suspension for a smoother, softer ride, even when you’re off-roading it.

Get that lift, and crush the trails confidently when you shop at Buggies Unlimited. Our aftermarket Yamaha lift kits and a-arm lifts have what it takes to meet your suspension demands.