E-Z-Go Golf Cart Lift Kits

Increasing clearance, improving appearance

If you are looking to expand your E-Z-GO's workload and capabilities, then installing a golf cart lift kit to your E-Z-GO is a great start. At Buggies Unlimited, we offer affordable and high-quality solutions for lifting your vehicle.

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Shop from the best manufacturers, and get OEM quality—or even better. Finding the perfect E-Z-GO golf cart lift kit is easy with the widest selection available on the web. Jake’s offers some of the best lift kits available for golf carts, and covers all of the top E-Z-GO Models:

  • RXV
  • TXT
  • Marathon
  • Medalist

No matter the model, search through and find the right height you need to get a better experience every time you hit the gas!

E-Z-GO lift kit benefits

Adding an aftermarket lift kit to your golf cart gives it some needed ground clearance and ride stability. If you’ve been craving bigger tires but need the space to fit them under your fenders—you’ve found your fix. Additionally, putting in an E-Z-GO lift kit results in a widened footprint which improves stability. Those additional inches, along with all-terrain tires, allow you to handle territory previously unexplored.

Whether you have plans to use your vehicle for work on rougher terrain or are simply wishing to make a stylistic statement, a quality E-Z-GO lift kit and aftermarket, heavy duty leaf springs from Buggies Unlimited will help you get there.