E-Z-Go Golf Cart Lift Kits

If you are looking to expand your E-Z-GO's workload and capabilities, then installing a golf cart lift kit may be just the thing you're looking for. At Buggies Unlimited, we offer affordable and high-quality solutions for lifting your vehicle.

Adding an aftermarket lift kit to your golf cart gives it added ground clearance and ride stability—the addition of an E-Z-GO lift kit results in a widened footprint. Simultaneously, more ground clearance enables the fit of larger, more capable tires inside your wheel wells without rubbing on the turn. Those additional inches, along with all-terrain tires, allow you to handle territory previously unexplored!

Lift kits help lengthen the wheelbase, squaring up the cart for added stability. Whether you have plans to use your vehicle for work on rougher terrain or are simply wishing to make a stylistic statement with your leisure machine, a quality suspension lift kit and aftermarket lift springs from Buggies Unlimited will help you get there.

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