Yamaha Rear Seat Kits

Upgrading your Yamaha cart

Expanding the seating capacity of your Yamaha golf cart is a must-have for many owners. Rear seating lets you and even more friends enjoy the outdoors for whatever the day brings. We offer only top-grade rear seat kits to ensure the safety of your passengers and cargo.

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Many of our Buggies Unlimited Yamaha rear seat kits include a UV additive to help protect against fading caused by the sun or other weather. The rear seat folds out into a cargo deck made of high-strength polyethylene and features a molded diamond-plate pattern for industrial grip.

Our newer GTW Yamaha rear seat kits include all-new features, including integrated seat belt mounts, injection-molded plastic footrests, and a built-in storage cooler. If you are having difficulty finding the components you need, do not hesitate to contact our helpful customer service representatives standing by to assist you!