Yamaha Motor and Controller Replacements

As more and more people are using their caddies for more than hitting the links. Hence, the need to ensure you can engage in adequate speeds for the nature of your ride. What better way to do that than with Yamaha Motor and Controller Replacements.

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At Buggies Unlimited, we are your source for golf cart parts and accessories that increase performance and aesthetics. You will find the Yamaha parts and systems you need to enhance or restore speed and torque capacity in this category. So whether you need an entire Yamaha replacement motor or a spline bumper, we have you covered.

Perhaps you've lost the ability to power up your carriage altogether. In that case, a Yamaha AMD stock motor may be what you need to get your cart moving again. However, maybe it's an all-around upgrade to the performance you're after. For that, Buggies Unlimited has a cache of golf cart DC to AC conversion kits by Navitas.

Our inventory of Yamaha parts extends much further than motors and conversion kits. Buggies Unlimited also has many other golf cart replacement parts to add and restore performance. No assembly is too big or small. In fact, we even have insulator kits, bearings, programmers, and many other components.

One thing you can take to the bank is the quality. Buggies Unlimited teams with manufacturers who build according to OEM specifications. In other words, the parts are a direct stock replacement. What's great is that even though they meet OEM standards, they generally have a longer performance life and more durable build.

Regardless of what kind of golf cart part you need, know that Buggies Unlimited is here to help you through each process. We have a customer service team that can help you order the correct part. In addition, we have a crew that can assist with the install too.