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1985-01 Yamaha G2-G3-G5-G9-G11-G14 - Drive Clutch Repair Kit

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Save some money and grab a Yamaha Drive Clutch Repair Kit. This product allows you to repair a prevalent issue with this clutch. As a result, it avoids the replacement of an extremely expensive primary pulley. Outside of the engine, there is not another part that will put a more considerable dent in your pocket than an entire centrifugal unit.

Your golf cart drive clutch, located up on your engine, is responsible for getting the cart moving. That and the maximum range of throttle. Comparatively, the driven, located in the rear, handles the low end like hill climbing and pulling heavy loads. If you are having trouble with the latter, please give one of our experts a call. If you are dealing with the former, however, you are in the right place.

Keep this Yamaha drive clutch in working condition with a repair kit. Make sure your cart performs the way it should. As a matter of fact, it will reduce the noise considerably. If you are a hunter, approaching your stand quietly is a necessity. If it sounds like you are shaking marbles in a can as you draw close, even the squirrels will head for the hills. Allowing repairs like this to slip will ensure that you have to replace the entire clutch. In addition, it can wear other items out as you designed it to do it that way. For example, your belt is in big-time danger if you don't stay on top of it. It will grind it down to a thin strip that cannot grab the sheaves.

This Yamaha part is not hard to install, but you should not take it lightly. Make sure you get a clutch puller bolt and, furthermore, have a friend there to help. Talk to an expert at Buggies Unlimited about a Yamaha OEM manual to walk you through the process. We would be happy to help in any way we can.


  • Drive Clutch Repair Kit
  • Fits Yamaha G2-G14 1985-1996
1993-2001 G11 - Gas, 1995-1996 G14 - Gas, 1985-1991 G2 - Gas, 1986-1986 G3 - Gas, 1990-1995 G5 - Gas, 1990-1994 G8 - Gas, 1991-1995 G9 - Gas

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