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  • Buggies Unlimited - item 10941
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 10941
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 10941
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 10941
  • Buggies Unlimited - item 10941
Buggies Unlimited - item 10941

1995-96 Yamaha G14 - Tune-Up Kit

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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

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You may have read that your carriage requires a Yamaha Tune-Up Kit for G14's once a year or so. This all comes down to use. Most customers get about one season of weather that is good enough to take the cart out. However, if you live in a place like Florida, you can easily use your caddie year-round. We encourage you to get out there as much as possible, but just make sure you take care of your coach with up to four of these packages per year.

You need to know when something is going to go awry under the seat. If you end up sucking something too big into the intake and you damage the filter, don't just buy that one piece. Instead, get this entire golf cart tune-up kit and put the spare Yamaha parts on the shelf. Sure, it's your air system that took the hit today. Tomorrow, it could be the fuel filter or something else. So stay prepared for the inevitable calamities that are sure to occur in your cart.

If you use your vehicle half the year in the city and the other half out on the hunting lease, this Yamaha tune-up kit for G14 has your back. Keep one on the shelf in each location. As soon as you get it off the trailer, service it. Then you do not have to worry about it until you either head home or back out to the woods. If you do things way, the only time this will weigh on your mind is during transportation.

Here at Buggies Unlimited, we carry golf cart tune-up kits and all kinds of other things you may need for your caddie. So give us a call today and get your order placed today so you can have it soon.


  • Tune-Up Kit
  • Fits Yamaha G14

Tune up kit includes:

  • (1) Air Filter
  • (1) Pre Foam Filter
  • (1) Spark Plug
  • (1) Fuel Filter
Note: Cart Doctor recommends Tuning up your cart once a year!
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