Fender Flares for Yamaha Golf Carts

The innovative golf cart industry is ever grown to increase and decrease in all the right places. After muddy traversing, your vehicle can get covered in muck. A quick fix is a set of Yamaha fender flares from Buggies Unlimited.

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These durable units are generally constructed from durable, impact-resistant plastic, providing protection to side panels and reducing mess caused by mud and muck. They are an affordable fix that offers some aesthetic gains too.

If you want to beef up your ride or add some security to the side panels, get outfitted with these aftermarket Yamaha accessories. For other innovative accessories, by browsing https://url.us.m.mimecastprotect.com/s/ksrVCrkWo7tA4ZjtLLQTc?domain=buggiesunlimited.com or calling a friendly rep. We'd love to get you started on your aftermarket journey.