Chargers & On-Board Computers for Club Car Golf Carts

Part of your golf cart's essential maintenance is to have the right charger, ensuring optimal performance for batteries of varying voltage and design. The modern chargers for Club Cars you'll find at Buggies Unlimited are made to facilitate on-the-go charging, adaptable to your chosen environment. This makes your vehicle even more durable and reliable so that you never run out of juice when you depend on full functionality.

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It's important to never over-charge your vehicle's batteries and use only chargers with the correct compatibility. The same attention to detail is essential when selecting the proper on-board computers and components for your golf cart. These Club Car on-board computers are small devices wired into the golf cart. Its purpose is to regulate the battery's charge. While the vehicle is used, the on-board computer records the amount of energy consumed. It directs the charger to replace exactly the amount of energy needed, resulting in fully replenished batteries.

Running out of juice is never an option whether you're on the back nine or country cruising. So, shop to ensure you're powered up regardless of what you're doing.