Club and Ball Washers for Golf Carts

The game of golf is important to you. As an avid golfer, there are several tools you employ to ensure you’re getting the most out of your essential equipment. To keep your cart, clothes, and home clean, you need the proper washing accessories.

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At Buggies Unlimited, we stock many golf ball washing and golf club washing accessories to help you stay organized and clean as you pursue the sport you love. If you are looking for an easier way to clean your golf clubs and balls, the Executive Club and Ball Washer might be the perfect solution for you. Its portable design clips to a golf bag, so it goes wherever you need to be with ease. It sports a luxurious woodgrain finish and is extremely lightweight, weighing only one pound! If you’re looking for a golf cart-mounted spike cleaner, the Spike Swipe is made to fit almost any bumper from non-rusting stainless steel that will not damage your cart. It is constructed of durable 3.0 mm powder-coated steel and painted a bright yellow color for added safety.

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