Track Style Driving Enclosures for Club Car Golf Carts

Your Club Car golf cart is a high-performance work and leisure machine. To keep it in optimal condition, you need to implement resources that can help protect your cart's exterior and interior from the elements. Over time, UV rays, sleet, and rain can damage your cart's appearance and function.

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Track-style golf cart cab enclosures make for an excellent, cost-effective solution, providing peace of mind and insurance against ever-changing external circumstances. With innovations being made all the time in appearance and performance, we carry options representing the latest in protective technology.

The Chameleon dual-track three-sided enclosure is a prime example of this new technology. It allows you the ease and versatility of changing your valance without having to buy a whole new enclosure by facilitating easy installation of cabin color on a separate sliding track! Give Buggies Unlimited a call and get yours today!