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1997-04 Columbia-Harley Davidson - Drive Belt

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The Columbia Harley Davidson Drive Belt from Buggies Unlimited is a repair part that most people skip. Until it is too late, that is. You do not think about this unit until it starts to give you a problem. Once it does, though, it is a steep downhill race to the bottom. Once you hit that level, it is either so thin it does no good or breaks. Another common condition is stretching due to the heat generated by the clutches. Either way, it will cause a no-run situation in the long run. Add this to your tune-up list now.

Once quarterly, you should be at least inspecting your caddie to see if it needs a tune-up and how far you need to go. If you drive your cart year-round, you need to be completing one of these for every season of use. Inspecting the belts will help you avoid future issues when you do it. If you can catch these things before they get worse, you can ensure those other items last long, like your clutches, for example. A lousy golf cart belt can accelerate the decline of the pully and make any issues much more evident.

When you start to hear the barking dog under your seat when you take off, this is a clear sign to get a Columbia Harley Davidson drive belt from Buggies Unlimited. These will make a lot of noise as they go wrong. It will start with just a little chirp when you take off. However, it gets louder and lower-pitched until it breaks as it gets worse.

Buggies Unlimited is the best of the best for having what you are looking for. We have a more comprehensive selection of golf cart parts and accessories than anyone else on the market. Call and order now.


  • Drive belt
  • For Columbia/HD gas (4 cycle) 1997-04
  • Also replaces belt on Jake's Big Block conversion kits on E-Z-GO gas TXT
  • Measures 1-3/16" x 47-1/2" O.D.

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