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Ashtray with Lid

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Smokers get a bad rap; take one reason off that list with the universally portable Ashtray with a Lid. One of the biggest complaints non-smokers have about people who still enjoy their lives is the smell and butts on the ground. Solve both of these issues at one time with this product. Not only do you have a portable place to keep the tailings of your cigarettes or cigars, but it's also got a lid to reduce the smell that escapes.

If you like to enjoy a smoke while you are up in your tree stand, make sure you bring the portable ashtray along. Why let that cigar go out and get stale when you can trap all the smell right on your person. Hunting is all about making sure the animals do not pick up on your sent. A pile of smelly ashes at the bottom of your spot will not help you bag a big one or anything for that matter.

Installation of this product could not be easier. Have you ever stacked plastic cups before putting them away? Or have you ever placed a drink in the cup holder of your car? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are more than qualified to put one of these in. In fact, you just drop it in and drive away, no snaps, zippers, hooks, or buttons.

The best thing about this product is its portability. Once you finish carting it up for the day, you can grab this item and easily dump it out. No need to use the dustpan and brush to clean out the floorboards anymore. Now all of your mess is kept nice in neat in one place so you can easily clean it up. So call Buggies Unlimited today and order whatever you need to get the job done.


  • Ashtray with spring-loaded lid.
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