Baby Moon Chrome Wheel Cover - 6 Inch

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Get that old-school look with the Baby Moon Chrome Wheel Cover from Buggies Unlimited. There is nothing like that vintage 50's look, and this is the best way to get it for your coach. You will feel like you can burn up the quarter-mile with a set of these vintage-looking skins.

These golf cart baby moon wheel covers are the smaller ones that fit in the center of the wheels. They will leave a two-inch perimeter of the rim around the outside that will be visible, of course. This looks fantastic with the OEM white wheels or black ones you pick up from us.

The next time you go to the swap meet, you better be prepared to either fend off potential buyers or possibly sell your caddie. When you have a set of these aftermarket baby moon wheels covers installed, it just makes people take notice. This is always a good thing. Even if you don't want to sell, it will instill the confidence that you can.

We love to see what our customers come up with on their golf carts. Are these wheel covers the icing on the cake of your carriage build? If so, we would love to see it. We have a section on our home page for customer carts, or you can leave it in the comments below. Share your masterpiece with the world! You might inspire another builder or pick up some for yourself.

These Baby Moon chrome wheel covers from Buggies Unlimited could not be easier to install. As a matter of fact, most customers need no other tools than the hands they were born with. Just give them a few taps, and the golf cart accessories will pop right in. There are no fancy tricks, just a straightforward installation. So give us a call today and order everything you need.


  • These covers are specifically designed for Golf Cart Wheels only, Will not work on trailers, mowers etc..

  • Note: This item covers the inner wheel only - it does not cover the entire wheel. See our 8" Baby Moon Wheel Cover (4640) for a larger version of this wheel cover.
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