Cam Latch for Hinged Windshield

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Making yourself buy a whole new screen when all you need is a Cam Latch for Hinged Windshields can be a painful experience, especially when you can call Buggies Unlimited and have one shipped right to your door. There is no reason to buy an entire kit when you have the individual components to get the job done.

When you are playing around with your friends, you never know what will go wrong. Something always does, just predicting it is never the easy part. When a stray ball smashes the cam latch on your windshield, you can call us and get a replacement coming quick. There is no reason to get the whole kit and kaboodle when the individual part is available.

Hunting is one of the United State's oldest past times. As a matter of fact, humanity, in general, owes its existence to this activity. Those of us who choose to preserve it does things a little differently than our caveman forefathers. So why not use the technology that thousands of years of advancement have provided and ride your golf cart to your tree stand. Don't worry about small parts like the cam latch for hinged windshields. You can get a new one from Buggies Unlimited in a flash.

We cannot tell you how many customers call and ask about components of other items. Not because it's classified, we just can't count that high. We understand that things are going to break. That's why we sell almost every part that came on your golf cart from the factory. We also know that your aftermarket purchases can take a beating too. That's why we carry all of the components we can to make your life easier. So call Buggies Unlimited today and get everything you need shipping your way today.


  • Cam Latch
  • For Hinged Windshield
  • Plastic
  • Universal Fit
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