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Steel Chrome Center Cap - 2.65 Inch

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When you finally decide on a set of tires and wheels, make sure you pick up some Steel Chrome Center Cap from Buggies Unlimited as well. As a matter of fact, your combo will not look complete without them. If you leave these sporty covers off, you will have this fancy aluminum rim that gets cut short by a visible axle nut. Right in the center as well. All of that money on aftermarket rims, and everyone is looking at a castle nut and pin. This is easily avoided with this simple, affordable solution.

We love to get out customers set up with a combo that reflects their personality. With our large selection of golf cart wheels, this is easily achieved. We have everything from the factory eight-inch steel wheels all the way up to the aftermarket fourteen's. The last thing you want is to get the perfect set and forget the final touch. That is like baking someone a birthday cake and forgetting to ice it. Thanks for trying, but you might as well just stay home at that point. Your eye is naturally drawn to the center of circular objects. These golf cart center caps are, therefore, the focal point of your wheels. Do not forget them.

Installation of this caddie accessory could go from easy to easier in a heartbeat. If you order the units simultaneously as your wheels, this is the best option for putting them on. If you get them as an afterthought, you can still tango. You will need to unmount your assemblies and slide these through from the rear. So you are going to need a jack and a few stands to complete this process. Although you could do this alone, having a buddy there for safety never hurts. Call us today at Buggies Unlimited and get everything you need ordered and on the way.


  • Chrome
  • Slip-Thru center cap
  • Sold individually
Note: This cap does not fit 8" steel wheels.

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