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1996-13 EZGO TXT - GTW LED Light Bar

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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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You will make seeing at night easy with the GTW LED Light Bar for EZGO TXT from Buggies Unlimited. Once you have this installed on your golf cart, daytime is just a flip of the switch away. The difference between your old headlights and this emitter is genuinely a fantastic thing. The difference is absolutely staggering.

Your old halogens lit the road up in front of you. It did this with a pale yellow light. It served as more of an indicator of where you were for other drivers more than anything else. With these new golf cart light bars from GTW, you will feel like you walked into a supercenter. Not only will other drivers be able to see where you are, as a matter of fact, but they could also do it for miles.

Heading out or back from your tree stand is usually a pretty dark affair. that is, if you are worth your salt as a hunter at least. You head out before sunrise, and you do not come back until it sets or you have bagged your game. You make getting to your stand all the easier with the golf cart light bar from Buggies Unlimited. With a flip of the switch, you will convince every other hunter in the woods that old Mr. Sun is on the rise.

Getting this EZGO LED light bar installed is not a problem in the slightest. There are only two wires to hook up. Once you secure the positive and the negative, you are ready to illuminate the world. Pick a mounting spot that works for you and get it put on! Give Buggies Unlimited a call today to talk to an expert who can set you up with exactly what you need.


  • Fits EZGO TXT 1996-2013
  • Includes LED Headlight Bar Only
  • 12-volt application works with gas or electric carts with reducer


  • Waterproof harness connectors
  • Cast heat sink for better cooling
  • Silver alloy solder instead of lead & tin for better conductivity
  • Operates 40 degrees cooler than traditional halogen lights
  • LED's have a 5,000 - 10,000 hour bulb life span

Tech Tips:

  • All electrical accessories such as Headlight & Taillight kits, fans, & Audio equipment operate on a 12 volt input
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter
  • Voltage converters will take the entire 36/48-volt battery pack and drop the voltage down to the operational 12 volts
  • Only wiring a couple of batteries out of the battery pack to achieve that 12 volts will result in damage to those batteries and shortening the life of the pack
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter:
    • For Single Accessory: 13-084 (*sold separately)
    • For Multiple Accessory: 13-030 / 13-034 (*sold separately)
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