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2008-15 EZGO RXV - GTW Headlight and Taillight Kit

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The EZGO GTW Headlight and Taillight Kit from Buggies Unlimited is one of many things you will need to make your golf cart street legal. Unfortunately, that list is quite long, and it changes from county to county. Some places are stricter than others, requiring things like AS5 glass windshields. Others can be as basic as a set of reflectors. Calling the DMV or waiting in their long lines is the first step in finding everything you need. The last thing you want is to assume you are good to go and see those red and blues pull in behind you.

Once you have your list, give us a call. You will find that something along the lines of the GTW headlight and taillight kit from Buggies Unlimited is very near the top. Being able to see what's around you and the ability to be spotted by others in the dark is priceless. As a matter of fact, it is a critical safety feature, right up there with seat belts. This kit is for EZGO RXV. In addition, it uses silver alloy solder instead of lead and tin; this translates to better conductivity and longer life. Better golf cart parts lead to happy customers.

The cast heat sink we use in the design is for better efficiency and provides quicker cooling than an extrusion system used in older units. This allows it to operate 40 degrees cooler than other lights. You can expect a 5,000 to 10,000-hour bulb life combined with all of these things. One of the best things about the EZGO accessory kit is that the harness is upgraded and ready for turning signals and horns.

Buggies Unlimited can get you everything you need to keep the local smokies off your back. Getting a ticket over tail lights is silly when we are as simple as a phone call away.


  • For EZGO RXV 2008-2015
  • Silver Alloy Solder instead of Lead and Tin – Better Conductivity
  • Cast Heat Sink instead of extrusion for better cooling
  • Operates 40 degrees cooler than other lights
  • 5,000 to 10,000 Hour Bulb Life
  • For 2016-Up Models – Coming Soon
  • Harness is Upgrade Ready #02-122
  • Replaces old GTW #32023

Tech Tips:

  • All electrical accessories such as Headlight & Taillight kits, fans, & Audio equipment operate on a 12 volt input
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter
  • Voltage converters will take the entire 36/48-volt battery pack and drop the voltage down to the operational 12 volts
  • Only wiring a couple of batteries out of the battery pack to achieve that 12 volts will result in damage to those batteries and shortening the life of the pack
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter:
    • For Single Accessory: 13-084 (*sold separately)
    • For Multiple Accessory: 13-030 / 13-034 (*sold separately)

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