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2003-07 Yamaha G22 - GTW Adjustable LED Headlight and Taillight Kit

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The G22 GTW Adjustable LED Light Kit from Buggies Unlimited is one of those upgrades that you have to have. If you are new to the golf cart world, make this the first thing you add to your caddie. The initial run you have to make at night will make you wish you had done this a long time ago. You just think you know the road well until you try to drive down it after dark. All of those potholes and speed bumps you thought you knew the location of are just a few feet closer than you remember.

Being able to see is only half the battle. The other half is allowing others to spot you. Imagine playing flashlight tag as a kid. You were very easy to spot when you were it and had your light on. However, when the tables had turned and you were running from the torchbearer, you could only be seen when the beam hit you. The same thing goes for your golf cart. With the Yamaha adjustable LED light kit from Buggies Unlimited, you are not only able to see the items in your path, but others can see you also.

The golf cart GTW LED light kit installation is not something you need to stress over. As a matter of fact, you and a buddy can get it accomplished in one afternoon. However, no special tools are required, and they come with step-by-step instructions. It would be best not to waste time or money. Skip the local dealer when you can do this in your driveway.

Buggies Unlimited has it all. Sure, light kits are great, but have you seen the tire and wheel selection? Give us a call today and let an expert set you up in style with whatever you need for your golf cart.


  • For Yamaha G22
  • Silver Alloy Solder instead of Lead and Tin – Better Conductivity
  • Cast Heat Sink instead of extrusion for better cooling
  • Operates 40 degrees cooler than other lights
  • 5,000 to 10,000 Hour Bulb Life
  • Replaces old GTW #32025
  • Harness is Upgrade Ready #02-122

Tech Tips:

  • All electrical accessories such as Headlight & Taillight kits, fans, & Audio equipment operate on a 12 volt input
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter
  • Voltage converters will take the entire 36/48-volt battery pack and drop the voltage down to the operational 12 volts
  • Only wiring a couple of batteries out of the battery pack to achieve that 12 volts will result in damage to those batteries and shortening the life of the pack
  • For 36/48-volt electric carts we highly recommend the use of a voltage converter:
    • For Single Accessory: 13-084 (*sold separately)
    • For Multiple Accessory: 13-030 / 13-034 (*sold separately)

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