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1996-Up Yamaha G16-G19-G20-G21-G22 - Ignition Relay

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When your Yamaha Ignition Relay for G16, G20, G21, and G22 models starts to go faulty, it can be like a slumber party gone wrong. A first, it will work fine, just like when all your friends arrive to marathon watch your favorite show. Then things start to get intermittent. The spark will come and go. This causes the cylinder to preload. If that happens, you will get a backfire that sounds like someone shooting a firework off under your carriage. Very similar when those two friends who don't like one another start to bicker. It's only a matter of time before the sparklers get ignited.

The stock relay on your Yamaha will eventually quit altogether. This is normal as they are only good for about 50,000 sparks before they start to give issues. It can be like a vanishing trick. One minute you are cruising down the road, and the next, your performance just disappears out of nowhere. Hopefully, you will be fortunate enough for this to happen near home. Having a caddie towed is not a cheap endeavor. This is why we recommend replacing the Yamaha ignition relay as soon as it starts to give you problems. So if it sounds like independence day or New Year's is following you around town, let's get it replaced before riding you are riding shotgun in a tow truck.

This golf cart part is not hard at all to replace. We would highly recommend having a buddy there to help. Anytime you are doing anything with electricity, you should have a spotter. If you are smart about it, you will convince them to install it while watching their back. Maybe you are crazy like us and like this kind of thing. Whatever your methodology, call Buggies Unlimited for the best deal on what you need.


  • Ignition relay assembly
  • Fits Yamaha gas G16/G20/G21/G22
  • Replaces OEM Number(s): 4U8-81950-02
1996-2002 G16 - Gas, 2000-2002 G20 - Gas, 2001-2004 G21 - Gas, 2003-2007 G22 - Gas

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