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GTW Drifter Silver Wheel Cover - 8 Inch

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The Buggies Unlimited Eight-Inch GTW Drifter Silver Wheel Cover is a great way to make your caddie look good fast. Sometimes you just do not have the time or energy to swap out a whole set of aftermarket tires and wheels just because the in-laws are coming over. Now you can keep your significant other happy and not break your back in the process.

These golf cart wheel covers are very stylish. Not to mention, you almost have to be on top of them to see that they are wheel covers and not actual rims. Skins like these are trendy on cars and trucks, and we wanted that same excitement for golf carts. So now you can get a classy look by just snapping something on.

These eight-inch GTW drifter silver wheel covers are great for customers who use their golf carts around the neighborhood half the year. Then the other half takes them down to the hunting lease. Anyone worth their salt in the woods will tell you that reflective materials like shiny rims will scare the animals away. You can easily pop these things off and head back to your tree stand. Having the confidence that your golf cart will not be to blame when you come back empty-handed.

These golf cart rim covers make an excellent gift for anyone with steel wheels. They can easily pop them on and off as they need. As a matter of fact, some customers will buy multiple sets, so their appearance never gets dull. We have a multitude of covers you can choose from. Get a set for every day of the week!

These Buggies Unlimited eight-inch GTW drifter silver wheel cover are no problem to install. As a matter of fact, most customers can do it barehanded. However, soft blows below a towel with a rubber mallet will do the trick if you need to. Be careful though, smashing your wheel cover with a hammer is hardly a manufacturer defect.


  • GTW Drifter Wheel Covers (Silver Metallic Finish)
  • For 8 inch wheels
  • These covers are specifically designed for Golf Cart Wheels only, Will not work on trailers, mowers etc..
NOTE: Sold individually. Remember to order four for a full set.

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