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Before you begin any major adventures in your cart, you need the right equipment. Buggies Unlimited can get you customized and ready to ride! All you need are golf cart Performance Upgrades, which you'll find right here. These are the kits one gets to turn their caddie into more than just a tee time vessel. In addition, these units range in fitment for both gas and electric carts.

You didn't buy your golf cart to drive along at a snail's pace, so give it some power with our performance upgrades! We have torque kits, power kits, gauge cables, and controllers for all the major brands and models. But, friends, that's just the tip of the iceberg. This category is chocked full of multiple performance parts for all the heavy hitters like Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. Plus, we've included universal golf cart parts for the rest of the lot as well.

As stated above, it's here you'll find everything you need to beef up your buggy. As a matter of fact, our selection of Navitas Club Car motor and controller torque packages will give you the grit you need for heavy-hauling and hill climbing. Additionally, we carry Yamaha AMD motor replacements both stock and aftermarket. For that reason, stick with what you know or outfit your caddie with aftermarket moxie ideal for offroad action. Finally, our golf cart control systems and motors come from top brands in the industry like Curtis and Navitas, so know you're getting a quality EZGO part that will last for the long haul.

Beyond the big golf cart performance kits, Buggies Unlimited stocks all the other ins and outs that peak or maintain ride performance. For example, find a Yamaha forward and reverse switch or even a Club Car DS high-speed gear set. Additionally, we've got golf cart battery cables, double-throw contractors, and much more. If that wasn't enough, you rest assured these caddie parts will meet or exceed OEM demands for peace of mind purchase.

Don't get passed up. Lead the pack! Buggies Unlimited has the performance upgrade that is right for you, and we are only a call away. Plus, we've got free shipping options on many products to save you cash while keeping your carriage running like a champ.

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