Club Car Electric Controller Replacements

Whether you have a new caddie or the one you travel with is seasoned, Buggies Unlimited has the golf cart parts and accessories to have your riding like new. Our selection consists of everything you need to ensure your carriage is operating at full potential. If you've noticed any type of performance loss, you may need to browse our inventory of Club Car Controller Replacements.

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Golf cart controllers play a very important role in the coach's power. What it does is alter that said power to the cart's motor. It gives the driver the ability to control torque and speed while operating. For example, the bigger the Club Car controller, the better the results. Suppose you want more than what you're working with. In that case, when investing in a larger controller unit, you'll get more current for the pushing.

Beyond the speed elements, the golf cart controller is also in charge of limiting the battery's current. In other words, it acts as a protection agent in keeping your battery in great running condition. Plus, it will limit the motor current and provide thermal protection.

There are many reasons you may be considering the golf cart part upgrade. However, when the vehicle is without a controller, ride quality is less than subpar. Take, for instance, anytime you hit the throttle. You may experience a rough take-off, leaving you to feel like you've got whiplash for days.

Buggies Unlimited has an excellent inventory when it comes to Club Car controller replacements. It's in this category. You will find Cutis controllers from 400-amps to 500-amps; we also carry Navitas conversion kits and on-the-fly programmers. The bottom line is, if you need help in the speed department, Buggies Unlimited has your back.

Settle for nothing, whether investing in a Club Car part or in need of assistance. We've got qualified staff at your disposal along with quick and efficient shipping.