Dash Trays for Club Car Golf Carts

Is it us, or are caddies becoming more and more versatile? First, some folks use it as intended for, you know, hitting the links. Then others turned their carriage into an errand-runner. Finally, there are even extremists who take the cart on the trails. In either case, investing in Club Car Golf Cart Dash Trays will add some convenience to your ride. Whatever that may look like.

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Buggies Unlimited makes adding some luxury to the vehicle fun and affordable. These golf cart accessories come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate individual needs. You can also bet that the aesthetics add custom flair to any make and model. The real question is, which do you choose?

Suppose you are the type to load up your buggy with friends to hit the links for hours on end. In that case, consider purchasing up a Regal Burl Dash Organizer Beverage Tray or even a Titanium unit. These kits span the width of the car. In addition, they have built-in cup holders and plenty of storage for pens, scorecards, or whatever else you can think to stick in there.

Let's say you're more on the simple side of things and only need what you need. In this situation, a Club Car ashtray with a lid or a cupholder meets ashtray is the golf cart accessory for you. Both have a durable plastic build and conveniently sets in any cup holder. Talk about being too cool for the course.

Buggies Unlimited is dedicated to being your one-stop shop for everything golf cart. Be sure to browse our selection of Club Car parts and accessories to build your buggy into whatever you want it to be. PS: Don't forget to check out our shipping options.