Replacement Electric Motors & Controllers for Club Car Golf Carts

Part of what makes your Club Car golf cart fun to own is the ability to modify and customize to suit your wants and needs. By upgrading or replacing your vehicle’s controller or motor, you can improve on many aspects of daily performance. Adjust the cart’s torque, acceleration, and bolster safety features with units designed for easy plug-and-play installation.

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The Club Car controller works like a dimmer switch, varying power dispersal by modulating voltage. Controllers enable variance of current to the motor resulting in adjusted speed. The larger the controller, the more capable of providing more current, the more torque the engine can produce. Using top-quality replacements and upgrades for your motor and controller, like a heavy-duty four-gauge weld cable set or a full controller kit, you can optimize vehicle performance.

Buggies Unlimited supplies all essential components for your Club Car golf cart, with ease of installation in mind and made of the highest quality build for maximum performance, safety, and durability.