EZGO Hub and Spindle Replacement Parts

It takes multiple function parts to ensure your caddie is operating at full potential. That includes all the ins and outs of the suspension and wheel assembly. Buggies Unlimited is your source of all golf cart parts and accessories, including EZGO Hub and Spindle Replacement Parts. It's in this category you will find everything you need to keep your carriage driving smooth.

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A golf cart spindle is a portion of the suspension system. For example, the unit connects to the control arms while supporting the wheel hub. In other words, you could call this component a wheel bearing housing or a knuckle. They are more or less the same thing.

In addition to EZGO spindles, Buggies Unlimited has a vast supply of front wheel hubs. A golf cart wheel hub is responsible for keeping the wheel attached to the carriage. It plays a massive role in steering, especially while cornering or turning. Suppose you need both the spindle and the hub. No problem! Buggies Unlimited also has the EZGO passenger and driverside spindle and hub kits.

In this category, you will also find other essential EZGO parts to keep this system functioning properly. For instance, a golf cart hub dust cap, the spindle adapter cap, spindle pin bolt, thrust washers, and even the battery cable set. Regardless of which golf cart part you need, Buggies Unlimited has you covered.

Above our wide cache of EZGO parts and accessories, your shopping experience is just as important to us. Buggies Unlimited has multiple customer service outlets, from ordering assistance to technical support. Suppose you need installation help. In that case, our Buggies Garage is available to get you sorted out. Plus, we have a network of warehouses across the nation. That means quick shipping no matter where you live!