Jake's Lift Kits Wheel/Tire Fitment Guide

ModelLift KitMax Wheel/TireDoes Stock Wheel/Tire Fit
DS3" Spindle20x10x10Yes (not recommended)
DS6" Spindle22x11x10 *No
DS4" Z-Bracket22x11x10 Yes (not recommended)
DS4" Dbl. A-Arm23x10.5x12Yes (not recommended)
DS6" Dbl. A-Arm25x10.5x12Yes (not recommended)
DSLong Travel25x10.5x12No
Precedent3" Spindle22x11x12Yes (not recommended)
Precedent6" Spindle23x10.5x12No
Precedent4" Dbl. A-Arm23x10.5x12Yes (not recommended)
Precedent6" Dbl. A-Arm25x10.5x12Yes (not recommended)
PrecedentLong Travel25x10.5x12No
* 23x10.5x12 Wheel/Tire will fit with Jake's extension plate Part# 7260
ModelLift KitMax Wheel/TireDoes Stock Wheel/Tire Fit
Marathon4" Axle22x11x10Yes (not recommended)
Med/TXT3" Spindle22x11x12Yes (not recommended)
Med/TXT6" Axle23x10.5x1294-01 Yes (not recommended), 01 & Up No
Med/TXT6" Spindle23x10.5x12No
Med/TXTLong Travel25.10.5x12No
RXV3" Spindle22x11x12Yes (not recommended)
RXV6" Spindle25x10.5x12No
ModelLift KitMax Wheel/TireDoes Stock Wheel/Tire Fit
G16" A-Arm22x11x10No
G2/96" A-Arm22x11x10No
G2/97" Dbl. A-Arm23x10.5x12No
G2/9Long Travel23x10.5x12No
G8/11/14/16/19/206" A-Arm23x10.5x12No
G8/11/14/16/19/207" Dbl. A-Arm25x10.5x12No
G8/11/14/16/19/20Long Travel23x10.5x12No
G216" A-Arm23x10.5x12No
G223" Spindle20x10x10Yes (not recommended)
G226" Spindle23x10.5x12No
G22Long Travel23x10.5x12No
G293" Spindle20x10x10Yes (not recommended)
G296" Spindle23x10.5x12No
G29Long Travel23x10.5x12No
Adventurer 26" Spindle23x10.5x12No
Adventurer 2Long Travel23x10.5x12No
ModelLift KitMax Wheel/TireDoes Stock Wheel/Tire Fit
05 & Up 3Bolt Steering3" Spindle22x11x12Yes (not recommended)
05 & Up 3Bolt Steering6" Spindle23x10.5x12No
For maximum performance Jake's recommends a minumum of 10" wheel with a 3" offset for all Jake's Lift Kits
All above information is for a Jake's Lift Kits ONLY 12/5/2012