Golf Cart 12-Inch Wheels

Nothing says "customized" like swapping OEM rims with a unique aftermarket set. As a matter of fact, investing in Golf Cart 12-Inch Wheels from Buggies Unlimited will have you standing out from the crowd and then some. These caddie accessories have industry-leading branding with durable construction and outstanding aesthetics.

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What's great about golf cart rims is they come in many different styles. So, there is bound to be something for everyone's individual taste. In addition, Buggies Unlimited offers everything from an aggressive kit to classic and clean.

As stated above, Buggies Unlimited has a vast selection of golf cart wheels ranging in design and construction. For example, suppose you want to drop jaws as you zoom over to the country club. In that case, nothing says "look at me" like a set of GTW Diesel Wheels or the Vortex set. On the other hand, maybe you like to be suttle with your style. For that, you'll find classy yet equally slick units like the GTW Tempest Chrome Wheel or the Specter Chrome Wheels.

In addition to the customized aftermarket rims, Buggies Unlimited has straightforward golf cart accessories. For instance, if you simply need a set to get you by on the links, the Spoked Black Wheel with the Valve Stem will do the trick. Plus, this golf cart wheel works great as a spare.

The large selection of inventory wasn't enough. Buggies Unlimited also has a pre-mounted wheel and tire sets for golf carts. That's right, choose any wheel and pair them up with your treads of choice. Additionally, we mount them up too! You take them out of the box and slap them on the cart, and you're done.

Buggies Unlimited is your friend in the industry. We've been at it for years and have perfected the art of customer service, tech service, and keeping what you need in our cache. So, get your make and model information ready and give us a call. We can't wait to get your new golf cart rims headed your way.