Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Who knew you could dress up your caddie with Golf Cart Wheels and Tires? You won't find a more well-rounded selection of these accessories as you will at Buggies Unlimited. Here, we take pride in offering carriage owners golf cart parts and accessories that edge and performance you need. So whether you're after an aggressive aesthetic and performance or want to keep things classic, we've got what you need here.

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Buggies Unlimited's cache of aftermarket rims is branded by the heavy-hitters of the industry like GTW. Also, there are several options available, ranging in aesthetics, size, and colors. For instance, suppose you are after a set that will show your friends who is the king of the links. In that case, the golf cart machined silver, and black GTW Diesel Wheels can make that happen and then some. Those are just one set! We've also got many others to choose from, like the Medusa, Nemesis, Pursuit, and Tempest rims. Those are just to name a few!

What better way to increase the caddie's performance than with a new set of treads to wrap around those sweet rims? Buggies Unlimited has every time of tire carcass you could possibly need to meet your demands. In addition, you can keep your clubhouse happy with a set of golf cart tires fitting for the turf. On the other hand, maybe you enjoy going off the path with the Barrage mud tires or get road-ready with the DOT Fusion tires. Either way, you're going to get the traction you need for the ride you want. But wait, there's more!

Buggies Unlimited has the means to provide you an affordable and convenient way to replace your entire factory setup. With our pre-mounted golf cart wheel and tire combos, you can pick and choose the look you want with the traction you need. So be sure to call Buggies Unlimited today and speak to qualified staff. We'll get your golf cart parts and accessories sent out in a snap!