Golf Cart Tires for 12 inch Wheels

Golf cart tires usually need to be replaced every two to three years. For the best performance, it’s important to choose the right tread and lug patterns for your specific ride demands. Buggies Unlimited has something for everyone with our selection of 12-Inch Golf Cart Tires.

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Street or golf course treads offer a smooth ride and are designed to provide turf traction without damaging the grass. Then you have X-tread, lug, or knobby tires with increased durability and stability in more extreme off-roading conditions that can handle muddy trails or rocky slopes. All-terrain tires are versatile, providing a comfortable ride over turf or pavement as well as handling light off-roading duties.

Buggies Unlimited stocks a wide variety of high-quality 12-inch tires specially designed to provide traction without excess wear and tear. These quality carcasses are tested for superior quality and performance, ensuring each ride experience is up to par. The right tires can give you the ride you want, whether you’re concerned about road noise and comfort or hauling heavy loads over uneven terrain.