Replacement Clutches & Parts for E-Z-GO Golf Carts

If your E-Z-GO jerks when you start it or loses power carrying heavy loads, we’ve got the parts you need. Buggies Unlimited offers top-quality aftermarket drive and driven clutches engineered with OEM specifications with an aftermarket construction.

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There are two types of golf cart clutches: drive clutches and driven clutches. The E-Z-GO drive clutch takes power from the crankshaft and moves it via the drive belt to the golf cart's driven clutch, which connects to the differential. When these clutches work together as a single unit, they provide a smooth start-up and consistent hill-climbing ability. We also carry a variety of clutch parts and hardware to keep your E-Z-GO cart running like new.

Whether you’re doing maintenance on your RXV or want better performance from your Medalist, we’ve got the parts you need to keep your cart in optimal condition. Climb hills with ease, carry heavy loads, and enjoy a smoother ride with a well-maintained clutch system by shopping at