Club Car Front and Rear Shocks

Specific golf cart parts increase performance value, while others are for aesthetic upgrades and maintenance. When it comes to your suspension, things will eventually wear. At that moment, you will notice a tank in ride quality. This is why Buggies Unlimited has a solid collection of Club Car Front and Rear Shocks.

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Golf cart shocks have the role of supporting springs and suspension components. More or less, they "soften the blow" while traversing and cornering. Multiple units make up this portion of the Club car suspension. For example, here, you will find golf cart coil shocks, absorbers, or even the dimpled lock nut.

No Club Car part and accessory is too big or small for our cache of golf cart shocks. For instance, if you've noticed a real sag in your assembly or making sharp turns has become a chore, you may need to replace the entire shock. However, maybe something has hollowed out, causing tiny pieces to fall off. In that case, all you'd need is a Club Car dimpled lock nut, and you're good to go.

In addition to having the golf cart parts you need, we want to give you confidence when purchasing with Buggies Unlimited. For instance, all of our Club Car front and rear shocks have OEM spec when it comes to measurements. However, suppose they do have an aftermarket build. In that case, you can bet they are more affordable while tending to have a longer performance life.

Beyond our large selection of Club Car parts and accessories is quality customer service. We have reps that are prepared to help you order correctly or find what you're looking for. Plus, you may find the Buggies Unlimited Garage to be super helpful on the install. Either way, you can rest assured you get one heck of a shopping experience.