Speed & Torque Upgrades for Club Car Golf Carts

When looking to turn your golf cart into a true utility vehicle, you may want to consider upgrades and modifications to your machine's engine performance for increased speed and torque. Buggies Unlimited spares nothing when it comes to our quality Speed and Torque kits for Club Cars.

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High-performance golf cart motors can be used for many applications, from the golf course or the countryside, for hunting and fishing expeditions. Increased torque with a motor/controller system allows you to navigate a wide array of difficult natural terrains. In contrast, increased speed ensures swift access to where you want to be, which can easily be achieved with a new GX630 Engine. Buggies Unlimited features complete motor and controller conversion upgrade kits to make the job easy. Replacement and upgraded engines can add peak torque across the entire RPM band, with top speeds boosted and improved hill-climbing power.

Club Car tuning kits and power springs are also available and help by allowing your golf cart to idle on steep inclines so that you maintain more power and can avoid those lurching takeoffs. If you want more torque and speed, Buggies Unlimited has the means for you to get it.