EZGO Solenoids and Solenoid Replacement Parts

Many golf cart mechanical parts ensure your caddie is running at optimal performance. However, you could call the solenoid the heart of the assembly. Buggies Unlimited has EZGO Solenoids and replacement solenoid parts to keep that heart pumping.

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A solenoid plays a significant role in performance when it comes to your carriage. In fact, every time you start the vehicle or press on the pedal, the EZGO part is activated. What it does is send voltage from the battery to the motor. If the golf cart solenoid tanks, you can forget about heading to the country club.

Before this golf cart part goes faulty, it will give you some warning signs. For example, if you start your caddie and do not hear the clicking sound, it's time for a new EZGO solenoid. Another scenario may be that the unit doesn't crank at all. Finally, if the flywheel doesn't fully engage, your factory solenoid has given up the ghost again.

Buggies Unlimited is here when those transgressions rear their ugly head. Our cache of EZGO solenoids will have you up and running in a flash. In addition, these components have a custom design using OEM standards. However, as with most aftermarket golf cart parts, they are much more affordable and last longer.

One thing is for certain, when it comes to putting your trust in Buggies Unlimited, you will not be disappointed. We've taken the time and effort to ensure you have the best shopping experience no matter what golf cart part and accessory you need. In fact, we have a full customer service team, including the Buggies Unlimited garage.

To add even more convenience while shopping for an EZGO solenoid is fast and efficient shipping. Buggies Unlimited has a nationwide warehouse network to ensure golf cart parts are sent out in a flash.